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Platinum Choice Bancard

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Google Map of 420 Boulevard, Mountain Lakes, 7046, United States
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Platinum Choice Bancard Merchant Services, Credit Card Processing, Cash Advances, Business Loans

Industry: Financial Services
Founded: 2009
Phone: 973-324-2251

420 Boulevard
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 7046

United States

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Platinum Choice Bancard Reviews

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United States
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2 year ago
This company uses sales representatives to convince you that their credit card processing rates are low and that their product is quick & easy to use. That is not true at all. They make you sign a contract which has a lot of hidden fees, minimums and miscellaneous expenses that are not explained nor disclosed by the sales person. Then once you've signed the contract, you're stuck with a slow, hard-to-use credit card processor for 3 years unless you pay $600 to get out of it. Also, don't even bother trying to resolve things with their customer service representatives because they are extremely rude and don't care at all about you or the welfare of your business. Don't use this company unless you like throwing away your hard-earned money.

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