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 , Moscow, 123060, Russian Federation
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Luxoft Luxoft Holding (NYSE:LXFT) is a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base consisting primarily of large multinational corporations.

Founded: 2000
Phone: 144 340 5119

1-й Волоколамский пр., 10 строение 3
Moscow, 123060

Russian Federation

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Raj Kapur
IP: **.***.***.176

4 year ago
Here's my experience with Luxoft Poland. In short - total disappointment.
First of all it appeared that everything I was told by Luxoft management about the job is complete false. In Gdynia, Poland, Luxoft has only one customer - it's one big Scandinavian bank. Luxoft doesn't have their own projects - they are just "bodyshop" - hiring you and then reselling or "renting" to the customer. In my case I was "sold" to a project with old ugly code and all I was doing is just a support. Once person is sold Luxoft minimizes the contacts with him. In my case the managers were sitting in other city - and as I was in customer's office I had almost zero connection with Luxoft. In 6 months after start bank decided to cut the ties with Luxoft - and we are all moved to so called "internal mobility" - which means we have to find a job again.
My friendly advice: reject any offers from this company. The only thing they care - is how to buy you for cheap and re-sell to some customer. Working with them - and especially moving to another country - you're putting yourself at risk to appear without a job in 6 months.

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