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The Hacking Trust

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Google Map of 8 Lombard Rd, London, SW11 3RJ, United Kingdom
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The Hacking Trust

Phone: 0800 783 9026

8 Lombard Rd
London, Greater London SW11 3RJ

United Kingdom

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R Leiser
United Kingdom
IP: **.***.**.105

3 year ago
They don't seem very professional or organised.

We moved into this house 24 years ago TWENTY-FOUR years, and they're still sending junk mail to the people who used to live here. I've told them he doesn't live here any more and they apologise, and I think no more about it and then they send another one.

The irony is that, presumably having got his address from a lookup on the Companies House website, they could easily go there again and get his current address.

I don't know whether this is any reflection on other aspects of their business, but I certainly wouldn't trust them with any data about me.

Ms F. Sennitt
United Kingdom
IP: ***.*.**.58

3 year ago
I constantly receive letters from these crooks addressed to my late grandparents who died years ago. I have told them to stop and if they bothered to update the information they stole from Companies House many years ago, they would realise it is pointless trying to ask dead shareholders to sell a company they never had total control over anyway. Furthermore, the most recent letter erroneously invited my late grandmother to sell a company that has no connection whatsoever with us. In the unlikely event my family ever did consider selling their company, Hacking Trust would be the last company they would approach.

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