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Edge Imaging

Phone: 1-888-416-3343 (EDGE)

940 Gateway Drive
Burlington, Ontario L7L 5K7


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A displeased cus
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4 year ago
After interacting with Edge Imaging concerning their shipping policies for school photo prints, I have a lack luster feeling towards this company. They are incredibly inflexible and charge a ridiculous price for shipping. I purchased two prints of my child's school photo online, one for the current year, and one for the previous year. I noticed that the 'ship to your child's school for free' option was not available for the photo taken the previous year. So, I had to choose a 'ship to your home' option for one of my photos. The lowest costly shipping option added $10 (tax incl.) to the cost of the single 8x10 photo. The next day I sent an email to the company requesting that they simply send both photos to the school at no charge, to which they replied and said the school requested that they not send photos for previous years to the school. So I then called my child's school and the secretary seemed puzzled about this restriction. The secretary said that all photos, upon arrival, were simply divvied up according to class, and then the teachers put the photos into each child's bag, based on the name indicated. She did not seem to think there would be any issue with my child receiving both photos, no matter what year they were taken. When I translated this information to Edge Imaging, they simply said again that they could not ship last year's photo to the school, that I would be charged for shipping, and that they could have 'both' photos shipped to my home if I wished. They made this option seem generous, but I fail to see the generosity in it at all. Overall, I'm an incredibly dissatisfied customer.

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