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National Sleep Therapy

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 Suite 201, Charlotte Amalie, 03301, United States
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National Sleep Therapy We provide Sleep Therapy equipment and supplies throughout the United States. We are focused on bringing our customers the best experience possible

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Founded: 2008
Phone: 481 391 2261

53 Regional Drive Suite 201
Charlotte Amalie, Massachusetts 03301

United States

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Leslie Limon
United States
IP: **.***.**.129

3 year ago
My significant other ordered nebulizers by phone from National Sleep & Respiratory; aka Nationwide Sleep Therapy, LLC; aka National Sleep Therapy. Our credit card was charged that day; we have a receipt to prove it.

Weeks later, the wrong product came. It turns out they no longer carry the model he needs, and the order-taker didn’t know that. She said someone in the area would pick up the package but they never did. Multiple voicemail/email messages re: return & refund went unanswered, so he disputed the charge on our credit card. The CC issuer resolved the dispute in our favor.

Then he got an invoice predating the dispute. It says he was never billed, shows payment due, notes "Autopay is on," & advises that they will charge our credit card. He never knowingly registered for “AutoPAY.” When he ordered the nebulizers, he was enrolled automatically without his consent.

I have made many attempts to reach NST via 3 tel #s (all go to voicemail), email (one auto-reply), & certified letters to 3 different co. names/addresses shown on receipt, invoice, and website. The address shown here is bogus (Charlotte Amalie is on St. Thomas, not in Massachusetts). The letter to the Concord, NH address shown on the website was returned: “Moved, left no forwarding address.” The correct business address, to the best of my knowledge, is 661A Pleasant St., Suite230, Norwood, MA 02062.

To date, neither my significant other nor I have had a response to our many requests to the company to rectify this situation. CEO Peter Falkson runs, at best, a sloppy operation. So I would recommend extreme caution if you wish to do business with this company.

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