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CPEP CPEP is a non-profit that helps physicians and other healthcare providers with competence assessments and educational remediation plans. Medical boards across the country as well as hospitals refer to our programs and services. We also offer ethics courses and medical record keeping seminars across

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Founded: 1990
Phone: 682 136 9988

7351 Lowry Blvd. Suite 100
Brookline Village, Massachusetts 80230

United States

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4 year ago
ProBE Director Will pass you evaluation sheets at the end of the program for your "Feedback", but will hover over participants so that they would not be able to really fill it out in privacy. Lots of answers you will have to write out in several sentences. And because there are around twenty participants in the group, it is very easy to figure out who wrote what. The participants in my class felt basically cornered to write only positive reviews. Nobody wanted to put down even minor criticism not to take any chances. Especially, the participants were warned that in EACH class there would be a fraction of students who would FAIL and that there will always be a significant percentage who will have a CONDITIONAL pass.only. Nobody wanted to take chances to go thru the stress of the same class again AND to pay twice.
In no uncertain terms, the participants were advised to write in their final essays how much valuable info they learned, how sorry they were to have done what they have done, and NO EXTERNAL UNETHICAL REALITY FACTORS contributed to it.
Dear Catherine, do an ethical thing next time and allow your participants to provide their honest confidential feedback about you and your class from the comfort of their homes without peeking over their shoulders. Let them submit them directly to your boss. Remember, many of us left WITHOUT receiving any rational clear solution from you. Your class = a form of FINE

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4 year ago
Certainly, nobody expects her to head any major "revolution" in this area, but it is pretty realistic for her ethics team at least to make several small steps in the right direction, considering all the tools, connections, education and titles they have. But why should she? It is much easier for her to expose the shortcomings of a concrete professional in the comfy setting of the ethics class and get paid easy money, rather than to try to identify deep root causes of doctors' unethical behavior and become a part-time unpaid activist against the Unethical Medical System, which turns many physicians and other professionals into miserable drained slaves who are just a "bundle of nerves" by the end of the day. I believe, if she chose to preach Ethics, then she needs to have at least a feeble attempt to fight unethical trends on BOTH fronts: when it comes to certain health professionals and on the social arena. But Catherine apparently chooses the easy stress-free BUSINESS part only. Is THIS ethical? Is it not hypocritical? Besides, in your home essay you are expected to blame YOURSELF only if you want to pass; also, you CANNOT use any "other types" of Classical Views on Ethics, except what she forces you to use, which is ridiculous and unfair. Yes, I did learn a lot of interesting, good, and profound ideas in this class. However, a Big Part of me felt very manipulated.

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4 year ago
For instance, she emphasized how bad it is for health professionals to come to work under even minor influence of alcohol or how unethical and irresponsible it is for health professionals to abuse controlled substances in order to self-medicate (the point on which I agree with her, of course) ; however, on the flip side, she seemed to be genuinely "surprised" on "discovering" that many health professionals find themselves working more than twelve-fourteen hours without any food/hydration/bathroom breaks under very inhumane understaffed conditions, which leads to our enormous fatigue, clouded minds and direct danger to the patient. Are such fatigued health professionals less dangerous to the patients than those who abuse "uppers" to boost their energy and clear their minds, or those health professionals who pop an extra benzo in order not to have a mental breakdown on the job under pressure? Both scenarios are equally bad: the second is not any better than the second. When diplomatically asked, how she sees her Ethics Team to tackle or address the problem of "the Unethical System" to prevent our health professionals from slipping into different types of addiction or substance dependence, she did not have any answer. Several times she referred to such questions as "tangential" or "philosophical" topics.

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4 year ago
Re: ProBE Class
1) This Ethics Program charges VERY UNETHICAL FEES considering the information it provides.

2) The Director of the ProBE Program is somewhat cold, dry, distant, and authoritarian. My class-mates were really scared to completely speak their minds to her. Fortunately, the other two presenters had more warmth about them and could mediate and defuse any tension easily.

3)3) Catherine is comfortable lecturing about straightforward black and white situations only --- something from the category of bleeding obvious; for example, how unethical it is to commit insurance or any other type of fraud and how unacceptable it is to develop any romantic relationship with your patients. However, when somebody pointed out to her that our flawed, unethical medical system times provides a strong impetus for our colleagues to have major slips in the "ethics department", Catherine became irritated, brushed off that person, and changed the subject. Several times, in a similar situation, she remarked that there was no time to discuss the raised issue. So, in my class, she skirted many important issues.

Dr. Joe Smith
United States
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6 year ago
Does not know how to treat employees or clients. There has been a 40% turnover rate with employees. This makes clients and referring agencies skeptical about referring doctors.

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