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TELUS Mobileaxs

Phone: 792 763 3630

130 King Street West
Torrance, Ontario


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TELUS Mobileaxs Reviews

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2 year ago
Avoid at all costs.

I cannot understand how they are the only company to deal with for corporate plans...

This is my second time dealing with them and they are consistently awful!!!

Expect to wait at least 1/2 hour to talk to anyone.. then once you get someone expect them to provide no information and make effort to fix any issues.

They take forever to ship out phones.. they lost one of my orders... if you escalate they say a supervisor will call you in 72 hours... they don’t..

If anyone has a contact at TELUS corporate I would welcome a chance to share my experiences

TELUS!!!! You need better representation than this.

IP: ***.***.***.254

4 year ago
No way Mobile Axs is an authorized dealer to Telus and I am not sure how Telus has authorized them. I placed an Order for new phone during december'16 but after a month got a reply stating I need to submit my outstanding balance to Telus though I do not have any Telus product. I guess this is a way to delay your orders. And guess all will accept about their worst in world customer support, when we place a call no one gets to you less than 45 mins. Don't ever have any relationship with Mobile Axs which will stress you out reaching them or expecting a decent service.

Mobile Axs - Horibble! Horrible! Horrible!

IP: **.**.**.116

4 year ago
Absolutely TERRIBLE.. Avoid Mobileaxs at all costs.

Telus - you should really drop them . poor customer service, slow, no followups and the most frustrating, they are not responsive!

In store showroom - the person behind the counter is miserable and rude. I've been there on 3 occasions and all 3 he looked like he didn't want to be there. He was on the phone the 3rd time i went, I was waiting at the counter right in front of him and he didn't even acknowledge me. Sounded like he was on a personal call.

Ramta Yogi
IP: ***.***.***.146

4 year ago
Ordered a phone on Nov 28 and wanted to make changes called back their phone is set to one prompt office is close call during business between 8:30 to 6:00 one time someone pick up the phone and hang up after one minute of conversation. You can't even cancel since there is no one to talk to, I think Telus monkey logo is correct representation of monkey business of mobileaxs. Telus should definitely look into this since Telus appointed this company as their corporate dealer. Which will also effect their customer care representation what Telus is known for

IP: ***.***.***.4

4 year ago
I am very dissapointed with the service so far. On November 29th 2016 I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 through our corporate plan. I have not received anything yet and I tried to contact them via the phone numbers provided. Guess what?! Those phones are set on the message that the office is closed and to call during business hours. Please note that I did call during their stated business hours, EST. I emailed some questions before I placed the order and it took them 3 days to respond. What will happen if I receive the phone and cannot activate it for some reason? Who would I call? I am now very inclined to cancel my order. Also, Telus should do something about it, as they state they are their Corporate Distributors. Very very dissapointing.

Sagar B
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5 year ago
I had very bad experience from Mobileaxs. I ordered Samsung Edge 7 in July and got defect in October month. It was switched off and never turned on later so I created repair request. It's around one week but they haven't started working on repair request. Really disappointed as I don't have any other mobile with nano sim card for daily communication. They don't understand the meaning of customer service at all.

On Friday I raised repair request and didn`t get any response so called them on Tuesday. They said that they are working on request and will send purolator tracking details but unfortunately neither receive any call or tracking details.

I will recommend not to buy phone from Mobileaxs.

Kind Regards
Sagar B

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