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Centro Diagnostico Boris Berenstein

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Google Map of R. da Baixa Verde, 409, Condado, 52010-250, Brazil
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Centro Diagnostico Boris Berenstein

Phone: 509 101 5894

R. da Baixa Verde, 409
Condado, Pernambuco 52010-250


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Marileide feitos
United States
IP: ***.**.***.102

5 year ago
I live in the USA but I am from Recife where I have many friends including my doctors. I have used and support Boris for a long time, but not anymore if I don't see any attempt to correct a basic examination procedure. Yesterday, 2/19/2016, I went to Boris for intravaginal, mama and abdominal ultrasound.
In one room, we can found the doctor and his secretary. They tell us to undress, and after the exams to clean the ultrasound gel, even the one from inside of our vaginas, in front of the Doctor and the secretary.
Come on dr Boris you are a doctor, but before anything you are Jewish. We are supposed to respect and cultivate modesty. I could not feel more insulted from someone of my same ethical, cultural and educational background. No, this is not a way to treat your clients and especially women in general. For those types of exams, from now on, I will go and send patients, friends and family to Lucilo Avilla. It is not ethical. It is not polite. It is not human. The treatment is outrageous. What a shame.

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