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Aston Lovell Ltd

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Google Map of 40 Stockwell Street, Greenwich, SE10 8EY, United Kingdom
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Aston Lovell Ltd

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Founded: 2006
Phone: 020 8858 9990

40 Stockwell Street
Greenwich, Greater London SE10 8EY

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom
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5 year ago
Invest with Aston Lovell at your peril, the firm will be the only one to make money. The client is secondary and customer service is nil, you will be submitted to a series of hidden charges and any complaints are met with a wall of arrogance bordering on bullying. Their service is littered with errors including a four month view of their "platform" with totally the wrong information, therefore despite me wanting to liquidate my holdings I was unable to sell because all prices were wrong. I was also met with an entirely different attitude when I informed Aston Lovell I wished to sell my stock and not reinvest, they became obstructive and would not answer emails or phonecalls and also plundered my liquid funds without invoices with a series of hidden charges.

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