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 , Moscow, 123007, Russian Federation
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Incentive Club

Founded: 2003
Phone: 131 441 9021

3-y Khoroshevsky proezd 1/1
Moscow, 123007

Russian Federation

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Mr Turbo
IP: ***.***.**.49

3 year ago
Dear friends, how do you do?

In view of your company's behavior towards our hotel, I have to make such a bad comment on our company.

I am Mr Turbo, a front desk employee of Junle Castle Hotel in Xi'an, west of Huancheng South Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China. Ms. Mrs. Suverova Olga stayed at the hotel for four days from September 29 to October 1, and refused to pay any hotel fees during her stay. The lady claimed that my room fees had been paid to the hotel online by my booking staff a few days before their stay. We paid the room fee and the hotel finance department also inquired about it, but did not receive all the bills paid for the guest. Later, the guest fled home because of the room account problem. After that, we contacted the agent of the guest through various channels and tried to communicate with him many times. But the broker's conversation method was ambiguous, claiming that I would talk with him. This guest will check and give us a final reply by email or telephone. We had believed that the broker would promise this, but after a few bad attitudes, he was indifferent to it, and the subsequent calls disappeared. Because of some reasons, this embarrassing situation did not give the hotel a definite reply, and so did the conversation with this broker. Our hotel also has all the relevant information of the hotel, and all the relevant information and procedures of this guest. We also sent all the company's payment methods to Alex, the broker, and did not receive any results.

If you have any concerns, please reply an email to our hotel. If not, We hope that your company can make a clear attitude to respond to us. We do not want to use this channel. To collect money, but in view of your company's behavior, we have to take this behavior, I hope you can understand!

So I want to give you a small request in this way. On behalf of the hotel, I beg you to give us a perfect answer within 7 days. I hope you can accept it.

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