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Google Map of 6 Temasek Boulevard
 Suntec Tower 4, #27-01, Kallang Industrial Estate, 038986, Singapore
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Alphasearch Alphasearch is an Asia-Pacific focused Executive Search firm dedicated to meeting the hiring needs of local and multinational firms operating across Commerce & Industry.

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Founded: 2011
Phone: 685 986 1686

6 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower 4, #27-01
Kallang Industrial Estate, 038986


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5 year ago
I first started with alphasearch in 2014. It is a boutique executive search firm started by a British boss who had worked a number of years in Singapore.At the first join, many promises have been made by the managing director 1) superb commission scheme 2) Asia focused executive search exposure 3) company plan to expand the business. However, the headcount of the company has dropped year by year as many of the promise above are empty promises and the boss prefer to adopt a "vaguely illustration" concept in which commission for consultant is being withheld as and when he prefers and also the "deficit clause" is not clearly illustrated in the letter of appointment thus leading to many arguments and long discussion. The company deals mostly with overseas placements and thus many of the invoices are delayed and thus consultant commission is being withheld for an untold and unconfirmed period. While I thought that being a small start up the working environment should be friendly and cohesive, I was shocked to realize that there are many office politics which are mostly created by the company owners who fail to realize that they need a clear concept and direction of leading their employees and caring for their employees' career development. It is e very clear that the owners are only focusing on capital gain and proof it generalization. In fact, the company headcount has dropped tremendously over the years and many long time staffs are leaving as they feel undervalue and not appreciated by the management. In fact, the trend of this organization is to hire foreigners employees and fail to attract local Singaporean as their main work force. The only pro side of this firm is that there is a lot of flexibility in work management but clearly there is a lack of direction and vision.

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