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Aquinas American School

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Google Map of c/ Transversal Cuatro, nº 4
 Urbanización Monte Alina, MADRID (EL PLANTIO), 28223, Spain
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Aquinas American School

Founded: 2012
Phone: 780 694 8936

c/ Transversal Cuatro, nº 4 Urbanización Monte Alina


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4 year ago
Unfortunately, if you're looking for a collaborative school community where the administration is both professional and fair to their employees, you have found the wrong school.

My experience with the school has been traumatic as an employee. The administration is condescending with their words, they do not communicate faithfully and are untrained in their areas (aside from the business aspect).

As a trained professional, it was not difficult to see that the lack of collaboration with the stuff along with the lack of professional development in the lower school resulted in a high turnover rate of employees, and an ora of fear with a lack of motivation for speaking up or questioning the lack or organization that directs the school. The principal for both lower and upper school are not in line with complimenting guidelines, and don't seem to utilize their resources appropriately. Furthermore, a lot of the resources in the elementary school are outdated, and differentiated instruction amongst its students is not encouraged. If your student is particularly a fast or slower learner, they may not succeed to their greatest potential.

If you want to give your student a bias education, this is also the place, as the lack of progression encourages strong gender roles (as this may coincide with their religious views), and a one-up model with the relationship between the administration and its staff. As an employee, I felt hugely unappreciated, devalued, and stifled with negative, and mistrusting communication. Also the interrelationships between employees is not fostered in a healthy manner.

I would not send my child to go to this school, despite the new IB curriculum that has been put into place the past year. I am aware that this school does indeed contain some outstanding teachers, especially in the middle and high school, however they are working under a business-driven, authoritative leadership.

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