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 , Lake Barrington, 60015, United States
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Construct-A-Lead Construct-A-Lead commercial construction leads make it easy for you to find construction projects locally and nationwide. Hate Looking For Projects. We Find Leads. Updated Daily. Try It Now!

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Founded: 2010
Phone: 724 582 6172

PO Box 7188
Lake Barrington, Illinois 60015

United States

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Laura Miller
United States
IP: **.**.***.247

3 year ago
Tremendous website with new projects to sell to every day. Great contact information. You can not beat the price. We found a hotel recently in Florida with 175 rooms! That 175 bathrooms! We sell complete bathroom kits and they bought 175! We never would have gotten the sale with our Construct-A-Lead! We highly recommend this service. We are waiting on 3 more bids and we should get 2 of them. You need to try it yourself. We received new project every day. They have great customer service - our rep is tremendous.

Michael Antonio
United States
IP: **.**.***.182

3 year ago
I have had fantastic experience with this company. I get new leads in New York every day. You pay far less with this company and get the SAME data and projects - sometimes months earlier. Our sales reps love getting new leads because the e-mail address is included. Get the best bang for your buck at this website. Incredible data for the price! Why use some company that cost 10's of thousands of dollars for the data. They will even give you a deal if you ask. Tell them Michael sent you!

Dan Swinton
United States
IP: ***.***.***.198

3 year ago
Tried to cancel my subscription but i did not do it within the 30 day time frame before renewal and was charged for another year. Acutally i canceled before the 30 day time. They would not answer multiple phone calls or emails.

The credit card company sided with them. The credit card company tried to call them while i was on the phone with them and all they got was voice mail.

There are other complaints on the web about these people. I would stay away from them and i don't consider their leads as comprehensive as other companies.

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