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South Shore Swimwear

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Google Map of PO Box 112
 , Rohrersville, 02025, United States
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South Shore Swimwear

Founded: 1998
Phone: 265 165 9934

PO Box 112
Rohrersville, Massachusetts 02025

United States

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United States
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4 year ago
The owner of this swimwear company called a size 8 woman a "pig" for posing in a swimsuit for a magazine cover shoot. And that "not everyone should be in a swimsuit" -- meaning people who weigh too much for her delicate aesthetic tastes shouldn't be permitted to go swimming, I guess? The company owner says that it's perfectly cool for her to say this because she has the right of free speech. Well, I have the right of free speech, as well. And so do you. Save your money and spend it somewhere without such hateful, judgmental ownership.

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