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Old School Motorcycle Company

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Old School Motorcycle Company

Founded: 2004
Phone: 519 235 6037



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Daniel Leek
United States
IP: **.***.***.158

3 year ago
Today's date June 1 2018. The refund issue has been resolved with Old School Motorcycle Company located in Phoenix Arizona. We have reached an agreement between both parties. I wish this company many years of success in building old school motorcycles. The have an outstanding motorcycle and use quality products to put together a modern old school motorcycle.This company has good customer service and friendly staff to assist in your next build. The attention to detail in electrical department by using electronic
components was a good thought by the owner of the company. Thank you Dan L

Dan L
United States
IP: **.***.***.158

3 year ago
Todays date: 12/25/2017: A company of this same name has relocated in Phoenix AZ. They operate under the same name. I ordered a Time Bandit Classic (Panhead) in May of 2017. They told me they can deliver the bike complete in 4 weeks. I'm at eight months and no bike or refund of $19,000.00. They were very rude when I asked for my money. Now they want to use my money and finish the bike and sell it. Now were going into 2018 and it still has not happened! Very frustrated and upset at this company how they have treated me. Buyers beware!!!

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