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Waterstone Investment Associates Inc

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 Zürcherstrasse 161, Maur, , Switzerland
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Waterstone Investment Associates Inc

Founded: 2011
Phone: 892 644 1425

Swiss Post Box: 100988 Zürcherstrasse 161


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United States
IP: ***.**.**.21

3 year ago
Terrible, terrible, terrible. They entice you with wonderful returns that are obviously not maintained due to their risky nature! If you are tempted to use them, please be extremely careful. We lost a ton of money when our funds were suspended and then liquidated and Waterstone did not want to deal with it. Every time we questioned the performance of our funds, we kept getting the run around; always being told was that things would improve. They didn’t, only got worse and worse. All the while we had no information or support. There are much better investment companies out there....

United States
IP: **.***.*.162

4 year ago
Waterstones will take your money and invest in extremely speculative funds that will line their own pockets. Your money will be tied up in a 10 year bond with high fees. Waterstones hang you out to dry when risky funds go into liquidation. They are paid up front so they have no incentive to do anything for you after your pension is setup. I have lost over half of my initial investment and lost out on the growth it would have seen over the recent few years as the stock market has grown. Use at your peril.

Jon in the USA: I am interested to talk to you. Can you contact me at '[email protected]'.

Anton Van Dijk
IP: **.***.***.130

4 year ago
Be very careful, as I found that there are many companies that will advise you to use a QROPS based outside the EEA. If you do you will be taxed 25% by the UK Government. This is a new tax from April this year. But many companies still want you to transfer with them, even though you should not.

Waterstone specialise in EEA resident transfers. They did my company pension transfer in a few weeks. The actual paperwork was all done within a week.

They explained everything to me, including all the charges. Which they were able to negotiate at a large discount.

If you live in the EEA this is the company to go to.

IP: ***.**.***.139

4 year ago
Living in Sweden I found that there are no reliable IFAs here on the ground who could deal with this. Most did not have a clue. One ones that did were obviously salesmen. I sat down with one but half his script was trying to get expat names out of me.

Waterstone were easy to find on the Web, and got back to me the same day. With no pressure from them what so ever, this was done at my pace.
I simply cannot fault the service I received.

Having shopped around Waterstone were around half the cost of everyone else. My transfer was sizable and complicated given that I had two DC pensions. But they cut through all the paper and explained it in language I could understand.

United States
IP: **.***.**.157

5 year ago
My experience has been a bad one.
Many funds have been suspended. My advice is be very careful in choosing where you invest and on the advice you receive. I provide more detail if needed but don't be wooed by low fees.
I would consider paying massive attention on why they are recommending the investments and get the fact sheets. Ask someone impartial to assess their choices.
Perhaps it's better to pay a fee for better advice vs choosing investments that potentially could disappear with your hard earned money .

Ben Thompson
United States
IP: ***.***.***.85

5 year ago
As I am a USA resident, looking for information on the net was just impossible, as one site contradicts another. Tried an adviser here in the US but the guy came across as a salesman.

I was interested to look at a transfer to a QROPS, but did not want to be sold a QROPS.

Waterstone are great. They did not sell me a QROPS. They evaluated whether a QROPS was a benefit for me.

They undertook a full TVA comparison report. Offering me a very highly discounted QROPS based in Malta.

My transfer was completed in 2011. And I have had no problem reporting to the IRS.

I am very happy with the investment
portfolio that was put in place for me, which is proving to be far better than the return on my 401k.

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