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 , Cincinnati, 45217, United States
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Everything But The House

Founded: 2006

5152 Kieley Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45217

United States

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United States
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4 year ago
As a seller, I implore you to never use this company. They sent a pack of ignorant magpies to my house who had zero idea of the value of my items.
They will be posting junk for sale and left many valuable items here in the house.
Other than my coin collection, they swept that away toot sweet and I haven't heard about it since. They say 'the expert' is looking at it or some nonsense.
I'm soon to file a police report and insurance claim.
Do yourself a favor and don't use this company. I wish I hadn't

Greg Wod
United States
IP: **.**.***.184

4 year ago
My selling experience was almost 100% negative. I had a collection of miniature houses, Not dollhouses, more like architectural models from the early 1900s-1920s. I provided detailed description information, and pointed out some of the more significant details, as these were items that I was knowledgeable about. The EBTH representative gushed over how nice they were and promised that they would be sold as a collection, perhaps even featured in a special auction. I was also told that I would be notified when the items were available for bidding, so that I could watch there progress. HOWEVER:
The items were not sold as a collection, but separated and sold at different dates
They were not described as "miniature houses" "architechtural models" or even doll houses. They were described as a "maquette of a house". Someone at EBTH chose to flaunt their rather pretentious vocabulary rather than provide a description that would actually benefit the seller. In fact all of the relevant details and history that I provided was ignored.
In the end, I was never told that the items were being sold, and even though I searched their sales, the houses were listed so poorly, that even as an experienced buyer and seller could not find them. All of the houses together sold for less than just one of them should have brought.
EBTH is best at serving....EBTH. Not the buyer or the seller!

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