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Grupo TV Horadada

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Google Map of Plaza San Francisco, 4
 , Pilar de la Horadada, 03190, Spain
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Grupo TV Horadada

Founded: 1987

Plaza San Francisco, 4
Pilar de la Horadada, 03190


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paul bancroft
United Kingdom
IP: **.**.***.2

4 year ago
booked internet for 2 apartments in Spain for 1 week each with TV Horadada..
Internet was an essential part of our stay as we needed it to keep in touch with our business.
The service was atrocious in one apartment and lasted a day and a half and in the other apartment it never worked even for 1 day. As a result the holiday was ruined and our business adversely affected. We wrote many emails begging to be connected which werebarely acknowledged and not acted on and the company's approach was one of "tough...why should we care".
Never ever use this company as they are awful and seem to just want your money while you take the risk of getting or not getting internet. Usually you don't get having spoken to many people here.
Horrible company....horrible experience and a lot of money down the drain. Beware!

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