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Austin Travis County Integral Care Next Step Program

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Austin Travis County Integral Care Next Step Program


Austin, Texas

United States

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Stephen Goss
United States
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3 year ago
I suffer from depression, anxiety and
Insomnia. I had to hospitalised twice
In Austin Lakes Hospital. While the
Hospital the psychiatrist prescribed
Me with Ambien and again for when
I got out. It was amazing I could sleep.
Before I was drinking heavily to sleep.
I don’t have insurance so I had to resort
To using Integral Care to seek
Psychiatric care. When I ran out I returned
To P.E.S which is part of Integral Care.
They informed me cruelly that they
Don’t prescribe Ambien. So, my insomnia
Returned. So, went back to drinking.
The Prozac didn’t do anything. I tried
To contact the Ombudsman Phyllis
Wolf was completely indifferent.
Betraying her duties. This Company
Is absolutely terrible. Taking Ambien
Is far better than drinking. My stress
Is due to financial woes. And when you
Can’t sleep you make money, a vicious
Circle. I dispise them. Do everything
You can do to avoid these people.
They both lack integrity and caring.

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