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Construction Software Construction Software (the company) develop, distribute and support a range of cloud based construction management software that has been specifically developed for the construction Industry. We are the developer of the CATCloud suite and you will be dealing with us directly which means you have access to knowledgeable people with excellent industry experience combined with detailed software knowledge. Our team are construction administration specialists.

Founded: 2006
Phone: 0399815728

63 Turner Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3207


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Gregory Pitts
IP: ***.**.***.102

5 year ago
The software is great and gives me the tools to get my job done. I am a Site based Project Manager and this software allows me to deal with all the documentation and th dollars.

There are site instructions, variations, progress claims, site diaries, photos, meeting minutes, purchasing, plant management to name a few of the functions.

The people at Consoft have been great and the help is on a very quick turnaround. Its nice to be able to discuss a construction issue and the right admin solution these guys are all about construction not the usual bunch of IT people,

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