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Cabinet Catala-Tricoire

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 36, rue du languedoc, Claret, 31000, France
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Cabinet Catala-Tricoire

Founded: 1970
Phone: 124 188 5716

Hôtel du Vieux Raisin 36, rue du languedoc
Claret, 31000


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6 year ago
I hired Me Catala and his colleague Me Tricoire to handle my divorce. Because I had an urgent court date I paid 8000 euros up front for them to get up to speed on my case. It was a very important decision where I was asking for a global assessment of my husband's wealth (yes, in France, beieve it or not you must fight in court to have the assets evaluated by a third party!). They forgot to do the necessary paper work to represent me, and we were thrown out of court.
I found myself divorced and at the mercy my ex-husband's good will to inform me of our assets.
My lawyer has allowed over a year to go by with no progress being made towards a friendly negotiation. He seems afraid to go back to court to demand that information about my ex's assets be made available or to have an impartial party evaluate my fair share.
Perhaps this is because he is not paid more for court appearances. He has already recieved over 50.000 euros as a percentage of my advance. He expects to receive at least as much again. He is not concerned about reducing what I will owe my ex for having occupied the house for the 10 years the divorce lasted. (A simple form sent to the judge would have limited the amount to 5 years. This is appently not his problem. I suppose he will add up his percentage before I pay!). How many months and years of my life must I wait? Are we waiting for my ex to go bankrupt?
Money earned 12 years ago in the USA was never evaluated correctly, and now I am told it is too late.
Seems that all the lawyers I have had in Toulouse have one thing in common: they tell me to be patient..... Until one day they tell me it is too late!

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