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Cloudnexa Cloudnexa is an AWS partner that provides cloud computing services. To learn more about our cloud management platform, visit our site today!

Phone: 888.478.2388

1413 Langley Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19112

United States

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James Browning
United States
IP: ***.**.**.210

4 year ago
I was refereed to Cloudnexa from Amazon Web Services and contacted them via phone the same day. I was told the following Monday they would call me and by Wednesday I would be up and running. I made it very clear from the initial call my expectations and was assured they would be fulfilled.

Results the day CLoudnexa started working:

1) My SEO site score went from 100 to 72.
2) My Google Page Speed dropped from 74/77 to 51/71.
3) Mt GTmetrix score dropped from 95/86 to 79/73.
4) My website and email has been down since Cloudnexa became involved .5) I have had to pay for apps on my site that still can not correct what they along with Google, GTmetrix and countless articles describe as "server issues".
6) My site is missing advertising I am having to reimburse for along with looking less than professional by not having an explanation why I cant get a simple banner ad back on my website.
7) I have spent 30 to 50 hours working on these issues instead of being able to work on my end of year proposals.
I reached out to Joel Davne the President of Cloudnexa to try to resolve this and his reply was "Cloudnexa has a stellar record of on boarding and managing customers on AWS. I have been briefed on you situation and feel we have provided AWS best practice guidance throughout the process." So the above 7 items 7 items are " best practice guidance" from Cloudnexa so be advised if they they wreck your email and website. I wold avoid using this company at all costs and in my over 26 year career this is only the second time I have received such horrible service I have tanken the time to leave a negative review. It has been 22 days since I called Cloudnexa and my website is still not back to its previous condition and I will have to pay a company to make the repairs. There are certainly better options out there than Cloudnexa and Joel Davne's "seller record".

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