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SocialElves Marketing Social Elves, a social media marketing agency can popularise your brand without incurring huge costs through a successful strategy of reaching out to the right customer in a engaging manner.

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Aja Trier
United States
IP: ***.*.***.165

2 year ago
This company stole 750.00 from me. They completed one of 4 agreed upon campaigns and are now ignoring me. I basically paid 1000.00 for 42 upvotes on reddit - and they wanted me to do two of the campaigns myself wherein they would "handle back end management and drive traffic internally". What? When they told me that *after* I paid, and they got me 42 upvotes total from the first dismal campaign, I requested a cancellation of the remaining campaigns. And it's not that my work isn't marketable - Their theft of my money prompted me to dive in and do it myself, and I literally made the front page 5 times in one month all on my own.

They quoted a non-existent policy (I literally made a video going through their entire website link by link - they have no policies) and then made me jump through million hoops in the hopes of a refund, and it was all for nothing. Paypal wouldn't back me because it's a "digital product" - even though I have all the necessary evidence showing they never completed the job -, which means they were allowed to walk away with my cash, having done a quarter of the agreed work.

Don't give these frauds a dime of your money unless you like throwing away your hard earned cash.

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